Cocky Traditions

What makes Cocky an integral part of USC culture? Is it his ever-present mischief and fun-loving demeanor? Is it his dedicated presence at USC events? Or could it be his niche in USC traditions? USC’s beloved mascot Cocky is a product of school spirit, Gamecock tradition, pride, and a long line of predecessors.

Cocky’s journey as USC’s fine-feathered mascot began with his debut in 1980 as the successor of Big Spur. Since then, Cocky has enjoyed national mascot titles from the Universal Cheerleading Association in 1986 and 1984 as well as winning the Capitol One Mascot Challenge in 2003. Outside of his national success, Cocky is a beloved and treasured member of the University of South Carolina community at home in Columbia.

A vital part of all USC gameday traditions, Cocky performs the lead role in all things school spirit. Cocky’s entrance to “2001: A Space Odyssey” sends chills up the spine, his presence at Tiger Burn (the annual spirit event before the Carolina-Clemson game) is a testament to his dedication to perpetuating the rivalry. His bouncing tail-feathers, smiling eyes, and rooster’s crow from that striking yellow beak is a familiar spectacle to Carolina fans new and old.

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